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Olushola Samuel Fowowe founded SamTeck Care Solutions in 2013 with the vision to support and care for service users who required in-home care as opposed to institutionalised care.

Samteck Care Limited

SamTeck Care Solutions is committed to the highest standards and quality of care, with a multidisciplinary approach that places you and your loved ones at the center. We work hard to encourage people to live healthy lives so that they can have the best quality of life possible in the community.

SamTeck Care Solutions hires people with the skills, knowledge, and certifications needed to help people with conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, among others.

Our care team provides a level of quality and attention to your needs that will result in recognition for excellence. In addition, all of our managers and team leaders have nursing and/or vocational degrees, as well as extensive experience serving individuals with a more complex range of needs. We will keep investing in staff development so that we can meet the needs and wants of people.

Vision and Mission Statements

Our vision is to become a nationally trusted provider of care. Upholding respect, dignity, and compassion is the benchmark for quality in aged care. We strive to establish the highest professional standards in our field.

Our mission is to build a company that employees are proud to be a part of, where every member shows utmost dedication, possesses exceptional training, and is motivated to treat each client with the care they would afford their own family.

What does SamTeck Care Solutions stand for?


We will exceed your expectations. Our level of care is unparalleled. We are always seeking ways to enhance our service. SamTeck Care Solutions is always exploring innovative methods to enhance the experience of our clients, their families, and our carers.


With our services, our customers will be able to keep their dignity and stay in the comfort, privacy, and home of their own homes.


We shall carry out our commitments in an open, honest, and transparent manner. We strive to correct wrongs without assigning blame to others while holding ourselves accountable and learning from our errors. We are reliable and dependable.


We can always be depended on to be available to our clients and workers. Client concerns will be addressed as quickly as feasible. At all times, clients will be updated on all aspects of their therapy. We mean it when we say we'll be there.


We are committed to you, and we will do everything we can to make sure you know it.

Who are we as a team?

Our Director

The founder of SamTeck Care Solutions, Olushola Samuel Fowowe, has direct experience caring for members of his own family to live independent, healthy, and supported lives by controlling their own home care packages.

Executive Management

SamTeck Care Solutions’ executive team includes knowledge from a variety of industries. SamTeck Care Solutions encourages people to think differently, allowing us and our partners to become more open and involved in new and effective ways to create, achieve, and exceed our individual and collective goals.

Care Management

The care management team at SamTeck Care Solutions will collaborate with you to develop a care plan and budget. When a client requests adjustments to their care plan or their health status changes, the care team frequently revises the care plan. On an annual basis, modifications are made.

Our Registered Manager

The registered manager (RM) will oversee all aspects of service delivery. With the aid of appointed assistant managers and team leaders. The RM will be actively involved in service delivery and monitoring of all support and care plans for service users to ensure that all service users receive the appropriate amount and quality of support and care.