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Our live-in care enables you or a loved one to live the remainder of your life in comfort and independence in your own home.

A live-in carer provides a safe environment in the family home, which allows you to enjoy a consistent daily routine.

You receive individualised care in familiar surroundings, enabling you to keep your preferred way of life. The garden, your pets, and your neighbours offer you a sense of belonging and safety. We tailor a care plan to your or your loved one’s lifestyle and assess it frequently as your needs evolve. We ensure that you, your loved ones, and your healthcare providers all agree on the care plan.

You maintain ultimate control over your lifestyle. After experiencing live-in care, the majority of individuals conclude that there is no compelling reason to leave their home for residential care. They can be cared for and supported for a long time after a health crisis, allowing them to live their final years in privacy and dignity with the help of expert home care.

We are aware that your home serves as your stronghold. We support your authority by never taking over and always allowing you to be in charge. We support your choices and permit you to run the home in accordance with your judgement.

Would you prefer to retire at home?

You have been informed that you require residential care, but you would like to remain at home. With SamTeck Care Solutions’ Live-In Care Services, you will never be obliged to leave your home if you do not choose to.

Nobody should be forced to live in an undesirable environment when a simple and affordable option exists. As an alternative to the sort of care offered in a nursing home, SamTeck Care Solutions provides individualised care for your loved one in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

It may be difficult for some people to adjust to living in a small room at a nursing home. Elders typically endure many losses at once. They may be losing physical or cognitive skills, or their spouse of a lifetime may have recently passed away. The need to uproot one’s life and relocate to a solitary single room will be an additional cause of “loss,” maybe leading to despondency and sorrow.

If you are under time constraints to make a decision, please call us immediately to discuss your options. Do not make a rash decision. We give you emergency care options that enable you to study the optimal solution for your loved one’s situation.

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The Benefits of Live-In Care

Reassuringly available care

When it is determined that a loved one requires more care than you are able to provide, the idea of a nursing home is commonly explored. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time and work to find an appropriate facility and wait for a bed to become available.

Carer candidates for live-in care may be swiftly matched to your or a loved one’s requirements and preferences. There are no lines to wait in.Immediate caregiving and, most importantly, your peace of mind are available.

Reliability and stability

The most consistent and stable environment is generated through live-in care. Individuals requiring care who live at home are more likely to be joyful, physically and mentally well, and socially active.

With live-in care, you or your loved one do not need to pack and relocate. Moving is one of the most emotionally draining experiences a person can endure. Live-in care reduces stress for you, your loved one, and the entire family.

Maintain contact with friends and family.

Staying at home enables you or a loved one to stay connected to your community and close to your family. The family environment keeps youngsters connected to and involved with the most important individuals in their lives.

Attending a facility with strangers demonstrating undesirable behaviour can be uncomfortable, so friends are significantly more likely to visit you at home. The more private and pleasurable it is to see you, the more often people will want to do so.

Live your life your way.

In your home, where you are the boss, you and your loved ones may live life according to your specifications. You are free to rise whenever you wish, rather than when others wake you. You may consume breakfast at your leisure rather than while the staff is pressuring you to complete your shift.

In-home care requires no urgency. You move at your own pace and take time to appreciate everything. You have total control over your daily activities. Maintain authority over your life.

Live In Care does not need you to make any compromises. You have total control over your time management. You may choose the sorts of foods you consume (including cultural and national concerns), when you eat them, the music you listen to, the places you travel to, and the people you meet.

Live-in Care for a Couple

  • Your spouse and you live together.
  • Imagine being forced to live apart from your spouse after decades of wedded bliss!
  • With SamTeck Care Solutions Live-In Care, you and your spouse may continue to live at home.
  • The quality of life of individuals is governed by their relationships. The more they are able to maintain their relationships, the happier they will be.

The highest level of care

Live-in care provides the finest level of long-term care due to its one-on-one nature.

Every day, our carers record any behavioural or health changes in your loved one. Only live-in care provides close supervision by individuals who know you well. This type of health monitoring is not feasible at an institution due to high personnel turnover.