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Night care is when a carer remains overnight in your home to assist you in maintaining your daily routine. Night care provides round-the-clock access to qualified specialists who can assist with even the most complex care requirements. Care requirements do not finish at the end of the day.

Our nurse-led carers can also help you or a loved one at night, so you or they can sleep peacefully.

If you or a loved one feel uncomfortable being left alone at night, you may need night care. Evening care provided by one of our highly trained carers entails assistance with restroom breaks, medication administration, and sleeping position changes.

Because every individual and circumstance is unique, our night care is personalised for you. With a dedicated nighttime carer, support is always accessible. It indicates that you or a loved one may remain at home, where you are most comfortable.

Understanding that care is necessary might be daunting. Permit us to put your worries at ease by speaking with our friendly staff and discovering how we can help you.

Do you want to retire at home?

You or a loved one may feel less concerned about being alone at night if you or they receive night care. However, it is also beneficial in several other ways, including:

  • Throughout the night, provide support with medication administration.
  • Facilitating bathroom breaks
  • After a surgery or an accident, regular support with bed position changes is crucial.
  • Assisting with complex care requirements with the aid of a team led by nurses
  • Someone should be available for persons with degenerative illnesses such as dementia.
  • Your family will have added peace of mind knowing that someone is available.
  • Better general health due to the ability to sleep throughout the night

Nightly Support from Your Live-In Caregiver: A Sleeping Night

If you receive 24-hour care from a live-in caregiver, he or she will support you in your home and be available to you throughout the night as well.

This is known as a “night of sleep” for the caregiver. This means they can assist you up to three times every night and yet receive enough rest to aid you the following day.

However, if you awaken more than this number of times every night, your caregiver is still ready to assist you. But if this happens often, we can talk about making changes to better meet your needs.


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A Waking Night Career: Support Throughout the Night

A waking night mandates that the carer be awake all night to assist with any care needs you may have. Night care can be given at set times throughout the night, with the carer doing nighttime tasks and using the rest of the time to do important things around the house.

This is a “waking night” since the carer will be on duty throughout the night.

You decide how long they must stay.

We can arrange for one of our experienced carers to help you if you need a lot of help several times during the night, like if you wake up confused or need help changing positions or taking medications often.

Nighttime respite for another career—our sitting service

In addition, we provide sitting services and overnight respite care. Here, we arrange for competent care to keep you or a loved one company while your regular caregiver is absent.

Our nighttime respite service could be a good choice if you need a temporary solution while you figure out if you need overnight care. 

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