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Nursing care is another name for complicated or “specialist” care, which refers to the provision of care for individuals with specific medical ailments or conditions.

The good news is that our specialised care team is available to you whenever your level of care necessitates it.

Why Should You Select SamTeck Care Solutions for Your Complicated Care Requirements?

SamTeck Care Solutions is a provider of in-home care services, with competence in specialist care. We are motivated by a deep and enduring desire to do all possible to improve the quality of life for individuals whose lives are touched by a variety of medical conditions and illnesses.

Our staff of highly experienced carers and nursing experts cares for patients with exceptionally extensive and intricate care requirements.

Whether you or a loved one are young or elderly, able-bodied or not, we tailor the care services we provide to match your or their needs and goals. As a matter of course, we recognise that conditions may change in an instant, which is why we are also able to provide coverage 24/7, 365 days a year.

Catheter, Bowel, and Stoma Care

The requirements for continence may vary greatly.If you or a loved one requires additional support with catheter, bowel, or stoma care, our caring and diligent caregivers are here to assist you. Some of your specifications may include:


  • Assistance with using the toilet and acquiring changing pads.
  • Assistance with the insertion and maintenance of a catheter
  • Changing a stoma or colostomy bag

When you require our aid the most, our staff will give you professional and compassionate care. This will allow us to make your situation somewhat more pleasant and reassuring.


Tracheostomy care

Our specialised care teams have received specialised training in order to provide tracheostomy care to patients who have recently been fitted with an airway assist.

We can help change the tracheostomy dressing and replace the tube, which will make it much easier to take care of a tracheostomy at home.

In addition, if a family member or close friend has been giving help but will be missing for a little while, we are able to assume these crucial obligations as part of our respite care service.

Nasal and gastric feeding care

The care we offer

People who meet the following requirements can use our specialised care for nasal and gastric feeding:

Have undergone abdominal surgery to assist feeding tube installation (gastrostomy care);

Have a tube placed in the nose that is directly linked to the stomach (nasogastric care).

Because it is logical that a person may have feelings of uneasiness and worry in any of these situations, compassion is at the centre of all we do.